Tag Implementation

1694A. Creep

題目 Codeforces: 1694A: Creep Define the score of some binary string 𝑇 as the absolute difference between the number of zeroes and ones in it. (for example, 𝑇= 010001 contains 4 zeroes and 2 ones, so the score of 𝑇 is $|4−2|=2$). Define the creepiness of some binary string 𝑆 as the maximum score among all of its

1693A. Directional Increase

題目 Codeforces: 1693A: Directional Increase We have an array of length n. Initially, each element is equal to 0 and there is a pointer located on the first element. We can do the following two kinds of operations any number of times (possibly zero) in any order: If the pointer is not on the last element, increase the element the pointer is currently on by 1. Then move it